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At Memphis Laser Clinic, we can assist in removing every type of tattoo – from names to tribal symbols to full sleeves and backs.**

Our laser equipment is effective at assisting the removal of the full spectrum of colors, including blue, black, red, orange, yellow and purple.




Our FDA CLEARED Advanced Laser Equipment: PicoWay®

Syneron Candela’s FDA cleared PicoWay® advanced laser technology releases extremely quick, powerful pulses, measured in tiny units of time called picoseconds. To put that in perspective, a picosecond is one trillionth of a second, which is 1000x quicker than the nanoseconds in which traditional lasers function.

While the photothermal technology used in traditional laser treatments can only attack large ink particles, the photoacoustic technology used in PicoWay® treatments can destroy even the most minuscule ink particles.

On average, the PicoWay laser removes professional tattoos in 6 to 10 treatments and amateur tattoos in as little as 3 to 5.

Other lasers can take 10-16 treatments to obtain similar results!  That's why you can trust Memphis Laser Clinic for the 

experienced staff, most advanced lasers, and total nonsurgical tattoo removal services.



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