dr. Sadler's path to wellness

Whether your goal is beauty, weight loss, or just overall better health and wellness, let Dr. Sadler's protocols help you. First, we investigate the root cause. You will receive TIME - time to get to know you and what you are trying or needing to accomplish. TESTING - We use standard and advanced testing. We test for gut health; toxin assessments; physical and mental stress levels; medications; and their role in your problem / solution, as well as their potential interactions. 


We help find and eliminate foods or environmental factors affecting your health and identify which supplements, nutraceuticals, and practices needed to achieve optimum wellness. Once you are on the path to wellness, we provide guidance, planning, and accountability for our patients. Dr. Sadler is very limited to the number of patients we can accept. In order to insure each patient receives his very best, we are currently accepting 20 new patients.  

Where should you start?


Because your body REACTS to what you EAT & EXPERIENCE

We almost always start here. Recently, Dr. Sadler has helped several patients with this testing series alone.


Sensitivity testing helps identify foods, molds, parasites, or toxins that can harm or challenge your immune system. This is done so you can immediately reduce the load on your immune system by minimizing exposure to those foods or toxins.

It is often necessary to eliminate certain foods from your diet. Most have learned from friends and family how gluten and dairy can cross-react with tissue in the body. These foods trigger an immune reaction to the food, but also a specific tissue in the body. For instance, gluten cross reacts with neurological tissue in some people, thyroid tissue in others, and so on.

For people with a gluten sensitivity for whom gluten also triggers cross-reactivity in the body, it’s important to remove gluten. Other foods, such as dairy, also cause cross reactivity. Those are just two. There are thousands of possibilities so we test for them in order to eliminate their effects.



Initial Appointment: $150 

Visits may be cancelled or rescheduled anytime up to 48 hours prior to your appointment. Cancellation and rescheduling requests occurring less than 48 priors prior to your scheduled visit will result in a charge of $150.  


Testing: $1180

Includes First Consultation, Blood and Gut testing.

Add Genetics Testing: $870


Results are followed by initial consultation and plan of action with Dr. Sadler in the clinic or VIRTUALLY (for your convenience)


Due to the current insurance model, there are no appropriate codes for reimbursement of our services. However, many health savings accounts will cover our consultation fees and services.

Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi (Mississippi clients may require a referral) may use their insurance for standard labs.


Please check with your insurance provider to fully understand your coverage.


Keep in mind that we are aware of the expenses of better medical services too, so we have very reasonable cash fee rates for all our services.

You may use your HSA or FSA for any of our services.

We accept CARE CREDIT.

Call today to get on our schedule. We apologize in advance. Unfortunately, we are only accepting 20 new patients for this service.

For Appointments:  (901) 610-3986

What's Your Gut Got To Do With It?


Due to cross-reactivity, possible connections between food antigens and human autoimmunity has been previously suggested because proteins in nature can have a similarity in sequence and structure to certain human tissues.

Data suggests that eliminating foods identified using IgG antibody food testing can play a role in improvement of symptoms. Because certain food components can lead to gut flora changes and gut permeability, eliminating specified food antigens should result in the reduction of antigenic stimuli and the improvement of symptoms.

The results of this food array may be used to develop and implement an immune targeted dietary plan, which includes the avoidance of triggering and known cross-reactive foods. Furthermore, when followed over time, avoidance/prevention treatment plans tailored and supervised by the ordering healthcare professional, may help: (a) repair the gut barrier; and (b) re- establish oral tolerance to the offending food-- 

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Disclaimer: Results may vary. The testimonial(s) and information on this website reflect results achieved by these specific patients.
As each case must be independently evaluated and managed by our team of professionals, actual weight loss and results will vary.

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